lawbabeak (lawbabeak) wrote in knoxvegas,

Free Oriental Rug in Questionable condition

OK, I'm too tired and damp to figure out if Knoxville has a freecycle program.

I have a big oriental rug. Antique; appraisal was for over $1500 when it was passed to me from other relatives. Then I got it. My cat puked on it a bunch (I cleaned that up). It started getting dry rot on the edges. I had it rolled up in a corner of my (finished) basement, wondering what to do with it.

And then, my basement flooded.

The water was pretty clean, and the rug was not completely soaked. But I know I don't have the will or the time to Do Something with it.

Rather than toss it in a landfill, I thought I'd first put it up here. If you're into fixing things, or might do something Artsy with pieces of it, if you like damp rugs with cat hair, this rug's for you.


Reply here and we'll figure out how to get it to you.
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