okay_here_i_am (okay_here_i_am) wrote in knoxvegas,

Physician Recommendations

Several questions:

First- I am looking to find a primary care doctor.  I am a single, mid-20s female, have been relatively healthy since moving here 5 years ago so never found a primary care doctor.  I have reasons I think I need to find one at this point though, get a general check-up to start with and to have someone in case of emergency etc.  Any recommendations?

Second- I would like to find a good dentist.  It's embarrassing, but it's been a similar length of time since I've been to one of those either.  I need someone patient with nervous, anxious people b/c I get that way at the dentist.  Also someone who won't push me to have a million cosmetic surgeries I can't afford and don't need (I've accepted my imperfect smile, haha)

Third- Ladies, any recommendation for a good OB/GYN?  Need a new one, for various reasons.  Someone experienced but gentle manner preferred.  Would prefer a woman for this one, but not required.

I know that's a tall order and there aren't many people who probably even read this community any more, but thought I'd give it a shot.  Thanks.

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