jabberw0ckygirl (jabberw0ckygirl) wrote in knoxvegas,

So, question for all of you

Anyone know of any dress dyeing services in Knoxville that would dye a polyester dress? I am needing it black and I have no idea how to get it done on my own without severe amounts of work on my part that I cannot do in a on my own fashion.
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To the best of my knowledge, you can't dye polyester.
you have to dye any synthetic fabrics with disperse dyes: dyes you have to use a professional heat press to set in (and not vat dyes). they are dyes for industry and artists, and are hard to find outside of those areas.

I don't know of any dress dyeing services, but maybe some dressmakers or tailors might know of some people that have the ability to do this: but disperse dyeing an already constructed garment is difficult due to the fact that heat presses also press in wrinkles and creases more or less permanently.